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Friday, January 24, 2014

LG Hall of Armor... ...

 Can it be any cuter than this??

Everyone wants a piece of the pie from the Iron Man franchise and LG Pro (definitely China) made their version of the Hall of Armor for your little tiny cutesy Iron Man from companies like Kids Logic or Hot Toys Cosbaby.

My usual story is I didn't want to buy and I bought it. This is not exception. I decided to get it when I was taking pictures of Mark XLII from Good Smile Company.

I bought just 2 of them, one in grey (the one featured here) and another in black.

With 3 AAA batteries and a innovative design button; it lights up!!

Mark 7 from Good Smile Company.

The black version and I reserved this for ... ...

Mark XLII!! Oh, by the way, LG Pro did consider the original design of the Hall of Armor where they are form up in a curvature which you can see in the picture above. Imagine 7 of them and it forms an arc.

Iron Man ain't supposed to be cute but look at how serious these little cutesy look.

Oh, why didn't I order the LG Pro? I didn't want to get the Kids Logic Iron Man and I figured it's too big for Cosbaby; true enough, see the picture below.

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