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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Boosting My Collection with Hot Toys Starboost ... ...

Iron Man 3 introduced the world of Iron Man suits on a global scale and Mark XXXIX is just the suit to take Tony to the final frontier!

This is the last of the less than SGD$300 dollar suits from Hot Toys and I may be more selective for future Iron Man suits purchases as the new prices under the Disney acquisition are just making collecting Hot Toys toys too extravagant.

The all too familiar House Party Protocol insert from all other suits featured in the last scene of Iron Man 3.

One of the reasons I look for in Iron man suits will be that it should not be a repaint of another suit and this sub-orbital travel suit has to be one of my favourite from Iron Man 3.

The picture above gives you an idea where all the batteries are to be stored. Once the batteries are in, it's time to light Starboost up and I am really impressed by the details of this suit. Scroll down to see more close up shots of Starboost.

There are lights emitting from the jet pack at the rear and the intake on the shoulders are nice details.

The honeycomb designs on the suits is based on the materials used to withstand radiation and vacuum in space.

The various components on the suits brings out the purpose of the suit and that is to travel in space.

The face plate design is really inspired by the astronaut helmet to allow extended visibility with the visor going all the way up to the back of the head.

Starboost can only be best displayed using the flexi stand provided.

Hot Toys could have added LED lights under the feet and soon, it may be Disney instead of Marvel.

Mentioned earlier about the resemblance to the astronaut helmet, Starboost comes with another face plate that functions like the astronaut helmet with the solar visor to prevent Tony from being blinded by the Sun.

Starboost grounded and this suit looks great the same as in flight. The item is already sold-out and for those who did not managed to get this, there are other toy companies out there having the licence to produce Iron Man suits and do look out for them.


deSMOnd said...

This is a nice piece to an Iron Man fan like you :)

Jonloh said...

Yes, but not for long as I can't keep up with Hot Toys prices.