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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Part Deux Dam Toys Spade J (Memories Ver) ... ...

Following this morning's post, I've decided to strip J to see his tattoo.

Now, this is clearly a strong Chinese influence with Loyalty tattooed on his heart. Traditional Chinese triad believes very much in 義 which is loyalty. The symbol (義) has broad inner content, and includes values such as justice, honesty, loyalty and reliability.
It's only upon removing the trench coat to see the details Dam Toys put into with the personalized J label on the coat.

It's also only upon removing the shirt did I realised, J is wearing a pair of briefs.

The back of the vest is also very well-made and the shirt and vest is well-tailored on the body. I messed up the scarf look in the earlier post and so here's my redemption with new shots of the scarf. 

The wire that runs through the fringe of the scarf makes it highly poseable. You can get the wind blowing effect done pretty well with some twisting and imagination.

I really do like the Dam Toys body with the sturdy joints and you can even do balancing poses without assist.

Finally, I will end off with some close up of the AR-7 with the storage in the stock as I did not feature this in the earlier post.

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