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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mastermind Creations Nero Rex R20N Moritorus Enforcer ... ...

Another one of my childhood fantasy is to own the Predaking from the Transformers ever since I watched it on TV in 1986. 30 years later, I have the Predaking, sort of ...

This is Nero Rex the Moritorus Enforcer by Mastermind Creations which is a 3rd party interpretation of the Predaking. There are 2 other 3rd Party versions of Predaking but I find this most appealing. The main reason is the color scheme and a true fan will tell you this is not the original color.
Mastermind Creations did the original color scheme of Predaking which they named as Feral Rex and it is formed by the Feralcons (instead of Predacons) Leo Dux, Talon, Tigris, Bovis and Fortis. I had noticed this in 2014 but it was released one at a time and with priorities on other purchases, I had given these original color a miss.
I am glad I don't own a Hasbro or even the recent release of Predaking. This as what the packaging suggested is a Reformatted version of Predaking that is befitting of its name and for a collector.

The color scheme is one that is similar to Shockwave and this is somewhat of an exclusive which was released at the 2015 STGCC held in Singapore in September. I did not attend the convention but saw this in-stock in my favorite bird shop and I bought it.

The packaging within is rather retrospective for me as it brings back memories of past Transformers packaging.

The set came with a few regular items like the friction kit to be placed at the bottom of the feet to prevent it from slipping (not really required), the extra weapons that will form the Oppenheimer sword and the hip plates. The extras will be the complete kit that fills up the gaps in the forearm of Talon, Bovis and Fortis. Another nice extras is the Professor Heisenberg King Claws. The instruction manual proves rather useless as the transformation is intuitive and it's missing out essential information like the eyes actually lights up. The stat cards provided is made of hard plastic which I find novel.

Off the box and it's ready to be combined. You can pull Nero Rex together with some effort in terms of strengths and time. It stands at about 12.5" tall.

The light up feature is a nice touch and the green glow is so well-coordinated with the black and purple color scheme. The one above is lit while the one below is when it's turned off.

The picture above and below shows the weapons; the Fusion Cannon and Oppenheimer Sword of which are also combiners. It's a combination of weapons of the individual Feralcons.

Above is the regular hands and I shall install the Professor Heisenberg King Claws.

They come numbered and there is no difference between left from right. However, you may want to be sure not have the numbers displayed too prominently like the one below.

Swapping the claws around and it looks better without the numbers.

Articulation for this beast is good and it is pretty much poseable.

This mode is my favorite and the only reason why I would spend money on this big buy.

I also realized that I have left the mouth of Leo Dux closed and it does makes Nero Rex look menacing with it opened. See pictures below.

Ok, that photo shoot above took about 2 hours to complete and it will not justify the price I paid for this to just feature its combined mode. I took another about 2 hours to shoot the individual Feralcons.

First up is Bovis (aka Tantrum as Predacon). Nicely sculpted beast mode with good articulation for the legs for poses.

The feet of Nero Rex can be mounted on the back and they are actually mortar cannons.

Next is the non-identical twin of Bovis, Fortis (aka Headstrong). The beast mode is exactly the same but they cleverly reverse the orientation (top and bottom) of Fortis for it to look slightly different from Bovis.

The mortar cannons fits on the top too but it looks slightly forward compared to Bovis due to the difference in where the pegs are located.

Let's move on to the leader, Leo Dux (aka Razorclaw) and I like everything about it except for the underdeveloped hind legs. They look out of proportion compared to the rest of the body.

Well, it still looks fierce and formidable.

We have next, Tigris (aka Rampage) which is one of the best beast modes for me. Overall sculpt and feel is very convincing as a tiger or panther.

Finally, we have Talon (aka Divebomb). The other nice beast mode and it looks good even when not in flight.

Spread the wings and see Talon soar!

All five together and it's quite a sight but nothing beats the combined mode. The following photos below will feature the Feralcons being weaponized with their individual weapons which the guns and blades combine to become Fusion Cannon and Oppenheimer Sword respectively.

These are the completion kit I mentioned earlier and Bovis will do a demo of how it looks better with them on and not show a hollow forearm. The hollow is due to the space that is a void when the hands swing out.

The following pictures features the Feralcons in robot-modes and I'm happy with the articulation and the robot modes of all the Feralcons are fantastic!

In a nutshell, this set is a must have for those who like their Transformers look like how they were in the cartoon and I personally dig the color scheme as I find the orange and yellow scheme rather bootleg like.

I know there are still stocks of this and best to get it before they get sold off.

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