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Monday, March 7, 2016

Reformatted Nero Rex Part 2 ... ...

Who wants to show off some amazing articulation?
Yup... anyone else?
Anyway, the earlier shoots totally worn me out and while reviewing the pictures taken, I feel Nero Rex can do so much more.

The following will be pictures of how I stretched the limits of Nero Rex.

Professor Heisenberg's King Claws definitely makes this King complete. I have not taken a shot without the attachments. Interesting, the first and the last digit is differentiated between left and right and this is evident with the placement of the number label.

The trick to posing Nero Rex is to twist and turn the many joints and trying to lock them into place to avoid any bending or swinging movement.

The kick has to be one of the most insane poses I got Nero Rex to perform. The feet (Fortis) is very heavy and I used its horn to hook onto Talon to stop it from falling forward.

The Oppenheimer Sword is another challenge as the 2 blades by the side kept coming off. There is a way to secure them but somehow they get loosen effortlessly.

I have noticed that the sword seemed to have pivoted in most of my shots. Should have changed the orientation to avoid this from happening.

To test the stability of Nero Rex without the use of the Friction Kit, I had him standing on its own on the laminated flooring and he stood on his own without doing any unnatural split. Of course having him to pose will be deemed problematic.

I also explored various possibility for the sword to be kept.

Some other shots of it combining below.

My son had to bring in Hound for a size comparison.

There is a connector pin on the chest of Talon which is not there for Tigris.

The Oppenheimer Sword displayed. This is a rather impressive item apart from Nero Rex itself. The entire sword can be taken apart and be used by the Feralcons. The assembly is also well-engineered and if put together correctly; everything holds in place.

As I exercised more patience and determination to do a better job in the assembling of Nero Rex, I realised MMC put in a whole lot of effort into keeping things in position. Nothing is left to chance and with careful execution; the pieces locked into place.

This is definitely a definitive figure to be a center piece in any display for its intricacies and precision. The number of parts that goes into this piece is just amazing.

The flight pack from Talon can also be universally used by Leo Dux and Tigris.

I did mentioned earlier about the proportion issue with the hind legs but I somehow feel that it looks better today. I guess even with toys, you need some time to get it sink in to truly appreciate it.

To fit it on Tigris, you need to reverse the front torso to reveal the connectors slot. As you can see, Tigris is rather unhappy about being exposed.

Alternatively,  Talon can be connected to Tigris with the connector pin on Talon's chest. Strangely, I have no idea why it's there, other than for this purpose. However, you will need to remove the rubber band that is round the pin.

On the same location where the pin is found, Tigris's is without a pin.

Ok, after this, Nero Rex will retire until I find a display place for him.

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