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Monday, January 22, 2018

Dam Toys! 1/6th Ghost Series - Titans PMC: Frank Casey ... ...

The passion of kitting up military figures is still burning strong in me though I do feel the toil of having to spend hours putting the figure together while referring to photos on the internet. However, the satisfaction is when everything is done and it is what was anticipated.

The figure we have today is by Dam Toys and yes, I have to say again, these guys are fantastic in getting everything right about their product and there is no stopping me from getting more things from them.

I knew I have to get this as I was already pleasantly satisfied with Ryder Watson which was released in 2014.

The 1/6 scale toy scene is largely dominated by Chinese manufacturers and they do have a great team of people putting great quality products out. However, the Chinese toy companies these days are raising their price tags citing higher production cost.

In fact, even big toy companies like Bandai or even Arcadia (previously Yamato) are under the mercy of the Chinese. An online source revealed an interview of Mr K of Arcadia about the rising cost.

Anyway, we should go back to the main topic of today. I wanted to also talk about the improvements made by the companies in their packaging and box art taking reference from 1/6 scale market leader, Hot Toys.

The better looking packaging puts me in a dilemma; keep or throw?

The markings and numbers at the lower left corner is puzzling to me. Not sure what they meant. 

Under both blister packing trays are nicely printed box tray with the 'PMC' and 'Titans' logo.

As usual, let's start with the figure and Dam Toys states that this is a 3.0 body which I believe is the seamless muscle arm. However, be warned that the arm is actually a tube that wraps around the 'prosthetic-like' arm (combination of plastic and metal) which is very well-made. 

Tattoos are one of the must haves for soldiers or PMCs to bring out the man in them; maybe?

The figure alone without the armaments is really quite a feast for the eye. The details Dam Toys put in for the ear ring, the goatee (removable) and the head sculpt of Sam Worthington from the movie Sabotage.

Below are the list of everything else that came with it. I particularly like the more advance looking tactical vest and the protective plating for the legs, arms, pelvis and the knees. Those beside the vest are meant for the legs.

Another draw is the Viper P2 Full Cut Complete System Batlskin helmet which is made up of  the helmet, visor with front mount and the mandible guard that covers the mouth.

The ESP grenade and flashbang has very nice details too

The rest of the accessories sitting in the tray waiting for assembly.

Nice touches to the helmet which included elastic bands instead of the adjustable straps which is a nightmare to manage.

The molle pouches slide into the slots on the protective plating.

The lower body kitting is completed with the G18 holsters, leg drop GP pouch, scabbard with combat knife, and grenade pouch.

Frank accessorised himself with a bracelet on his left arm and wears a Suunto watch on his right.

Closer look of the G18 and the holster.

I had a hard time figuring out how to attach the radio and dump pouch and thought Dam Toys had forgotten to provide a strap. I had to look for my old stash of left over items from my kitbashing to get the 2 pouches attached.

By the way, I really took my time with this figure and I had started kitting it in the morning and in between, did other things before continuing with it at night. So, I have managed to get the vest and the rest of the plating on Frank.

He is loaded with Hecker and Koch 416 rifle complete with
5.56 PMAG x3+1
Rail vertical grip
SF Silencer
M rear sight
M front sight
Aimpoint 3X magnifier
PEQ-16 laser
Troy AX stock
tactical sling

Earlier, I mentioned about the Glock 18 pistol which comes complete with
silencer, G18 17 round Mag X2 and a 30 R Mag (fitted).

Completing it with the Sordin headset, PTT, PTT converter, MBITR radio and ballistic glasses.

Lastly, put on the backpack and the Batlskin helment; component by component.

Technically speaking, I am done kitting Frank but I did realised I made a couple of errors when I took closer look of the pictures of this figure online.

Woke up the next morning and continued working on Frank again rectifying the errors spotted. The first one is the chin strap which I had simply tucked it under the chin instead of having it wrap round as shown below.

Next is the position of the rifle catch on the rifle.

One major error is the assumed missing strap to hold the radio and dump pouch. Closer scrutiny revealed that it uses the pelvic plating which is secured by the BDU belt.

Closer look at the Suunto watch and the Viper P2 helmet.

Time to pose Frank for some combat action!

I couldn't believe that I was this patient this time kitting Frank Casey up but I think I enjoyed the process thoroughly and look forward to the next temptation from Dam Toys.


deSMOnd said...

The armor suit and accessories with weapons look very futuristic..Overall the figure looks great!

Jonloh said...

Yup, This military 1/6 figures still gets to me. Argh!!!