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Monday, February 19, 2018

Hot Toys Videogame Masterpiece Arkham Knight Batman VGM26 ... ...

I have to put it upfront that I am totally appalled by this figure but I will still talk about it.

I have been introduced to a very techie Batman by my son as I watched him played as the dark knight on his PS4. I was drawn to the Tony Stark inspired suit and the slew of tech Batsy has in his 'utility pouches'.
So I ordered the Hot Toys VGM026 - Arkham Knight Batman.

Packaging wise, Hot Toys uses the open flap concept and the boxart carries the theme of the game with Arkham Knight's insignia.

Figure out of the box gives a sense of amazement with the bodysuit and Hot Toys claims this to be version 8.03. Boy, I do hope it will not deteriorate like Catwoman.

It came with a display base with a background from the screen grab of the game. Pretty useless if you ask me and I rather they provide a ledge of the building for Batsy to perch on. However, Batsy will never be able to pose like the one on the boxart.

Closer look at the suit, you will realise that it may differ from what you see in the game. Hot Toys made it more like Ultraman latex-like while in the game it looks more military fabric-like.

Suited figures are known to have very little articulation and by right this Batman should be rather articulated, however, the latex suit that is being used limited its movement and I do fear that this suit will be able to withstand the climate of Singapore for very long.

Here's a look at the back of the suit.

In the game, Batsy received minimal assistance from the gal-behind-the-chair, Oracle aka Barbara Gordon. They comms via this pop-up hologram projection screen which Hot Toys did quite a well-made one.

However, there is an issue with the head and eyes of Batsy which doesn't seemed to be looking straight into the screen. Then, I had to put in so much effort to raise the arm and that made the shoulder armor plate (see blue arrow in picture below) pressed on the bicep and dented the suit (see red circle in picture below.

There is a change of lower face which shows an angry Batsy and that's how I'm feeling now. I am not at all pleased with this figure and so far, it has been frustrations after frustrations.

The following pictures including the one above (batarangs; unfoldable) will feature all the weapons and Hot Toys did provide specific hands for each of them. However, the weapons are rather mediocre by Hot Toys standards.

First is the disruptor gun and please read the instructions manual carefully before breaking anything.

Then is the grapnel gun (below) with interchangeable parts for the remote electrical charge gun above.

Or, the batclaw below.

Hot Toys provided a 'shoot-out' feature of the grapnel but why isn't the wire rigid?

The same effect can be attached to the Line Launcher but it's obviously disappointing and disgraceful for Batsy.

The next pistol-like gadget is a voice synthesizer which Batsy used to trick its enemy by imitating the voice of the hedge-men or the boss of the level such as Poison Ivy and many others.

The last second gadget is the explosive gel applicator cum trigger.

Lastly is the freeze grenade which also has its own dedicated holding hand.

After looking at all the weapons, it leaves one to wonder that it is only possible in the gaming world that a ring of weapons simply hover above the head while enemies wait for you to take your pick.

The weapons returned to their storage and I took one last shot of Batsy in his glorious gliding mode. But wait, another disappointment is the cape didn't have wires in the topside of the cape to enable a fully stretched out look.

Well, technically it is still possible to get it done by getting the position right but I was too dismal to even switch out the hands for Batsy to hold the left side of the cape.


deSMOnd said...

I think this is a figure suitable for display not articulated enough to hold dynamic poses. It looks cool overall.

Jonloh said...

Ya, the suit material made it rigid. Agree that that it looks cool