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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Daban 8814 Red Astray with Powered Red & Gerbera Straight Kit Build Part 2... ...

Continuing from the earlier post.

More problems with the diagram being inaccurate and I have to put out the parts to correct it. I have broken some parts having to do that a couple of times and glue is my best friend when that happens. Good thing that I have a drill set handy too.

Another example above that the suggested build sequence may not make sense. I had to open up the snapped in parts as the thrusters would not snap in.

Day 5 and it's time to start on the Powered Red and Gerbera Straight.

The part above was already broken when on the runner. Good thing there is glue.

Another issue that the parts would not snap together other than the gate extensions would be simply oversized parts.

So, the trick is to shave off some of the parts and the fitting is better.

Part of the Powered Red completed.

Day 6 and building continues...

The fingers of the Powered Red has individual articulation but the white rubber-like parts are so badly moulded, steady hands are needed to trim off the runoffs.

The hands are finally cleaned and that took a really long time.


Powered Red is finally done and fitting is done on Astray. The original arms can be removed to have Astray using the Powered Red. The arm weapon seen below is part of the Tsuba of Gerbera Straight. There are actually missing parts and I'm amazed that it held on well.

Given that this is a model kit, it is rather impressive that the legs could take the weight of Powered Red.

All right, let's get to the Gerbera Straight. This a huge Tsuka with a broken Shinogi and I do hope some third party would produce the entire Shinogi and it would be great display piece.

The Tsuka is made up of many parts as it has moving parts when Astray use it as a beam weapon or simply as a katana.

The Tsuba and the Habaki completed. Connect the broken Shinogi and it's complete.

The Kashira is made up of many parts and I am really impressed with Daban's effort for details.

So, the Gerbera Straight is one of two katanas Red Astray has. However, only the Kai version sees Red Astray with the Tiger Pierce as a second katana. Above the Tsuba and Tsuka. Below, the Kashira.  

Interesting, the names of the katanas are inscribed on the Nakago and the Mei (signature) is engraved (Horimono). The above, Gerbera Straight and below, Tiger Pierce.

Once the Nakago is inserted into the Tsuka, you wouldn't be able to tell which is what unless you pull it out. Good thing is that the Saya has the labels to differentiate the two.

The instructions for all the weapon parts are probably based on an older set and what is in the manual does not tally with the runner numbers.

I mentioned the use of a drill and below is what I used it for to reinforce the thigh by lengthening it with a nail inserted.

I had also drilled a hole in the thigh so the nail could be inserted.

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