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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Daban 8814 Red Astray with Powered Red & Gerbera Straight Kit Build Part 3... ...

Finale of the build...

Day 7 and Day 8 were spent on panel lining and applying the water slide stickers.

I had purchased the water slide from a third party source. Interestingly all the products and the review of this kit are mostly done in Chinese. I followed as closely to what I find online and realised some mistakes along the way. However, I could rectify them since I had the water slide provided by Daban as back up.

I didn't manage to buy thinner in time for this build to perfect the panel lining and had wanted to give up doing so when I realised I could use Mr Mark Softer. Surprisingly, it works like magic!

After all the labeling and panel lining done, I present you Red Astray with Powered Red & Gerbera Straight. 8 days of work and I think it's worth the effort.

I decided to strengthen the ball joint on the feet and took the risk of pulling everything apart. To make the ball joint tighter, the trick is to apply a layer of super glue around the joints.

Back to the "I present Red Astray ... ..."

This is where the mistake on the label on the knee guard is done wrongly. I will later scrape it away and apply the right ones. Great thing I have spares from the set provided from the kit but it wouldn't have the 'Astray Red Frame' written on it.

Time for Red Astray to hold Gerbera Straight.

Below, beam mode of the Gerbera Straight.

This requires all the panels on Gerbera Straight to be opened and a handle is revealed.

The turbines on the elbows and wrists can be pulled out.

With everything slapped on Red Astray, the display stand is required to hold it up as the legs just buckled under the weight of Powered Red. The missing piece on the arm weapon is put on this time.

There is absolutely no instructions on how to put the stand together and I really took some time to figured that out.

This is really a magnificent piece to be displayed and I really did not regret spending the time and effort on it.

Below, the mistakes on the knee guard labels corrected.

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