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Monday, April 4, 2011

Arms Rack or Wreck ... ...

is the kind of a mixed review when I first lay my hands on my pre-ordered M249 and MK46 by Arms Rack.

Packaging is simple and nothing fantastic and was not really interested on what's on the outside anyway.

The main body (MK46) of the rifle is housed in a tray along with other parts and a sling is provided (which was not included in the promo pictures). 

The overall feel of the rifle is horrific as it is really flimsy and things just fell apart. The bullets are moulded together unlike the ones from Crazy Dummy. Comparing this with the one from Crazy Dummy; this is really a terrible product.

The M249 is even worse compared to the MK46. Above is the rifle with the top cover of the rifle opened up the moment it's out of the packaging. 

Well, a lot of patience is required if you want to truly appreciate these offerings by Arms Rack; not to mention glue as well.

Bought the M249 sand version for my son and there is a distinct difference in terms of the feel and it's most probably due to the coat of paint which made it felt more sturdy. All the Gen2 Para stock are fixed and non-extendable as shown in the promo pictures.

Conclusion is thank you and no thanks for further production and I just made a new order for Crazy Dummy's MK46 Desert with Gen2 Para Stock.

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