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Saturday, April 9, 2011

City of Toys ... ...

in my home in no time at the rate the 1:6 figures are pouring into the market. This week, I have the opportunity to own Toys City "Seal Team 5 Mountain Ops" which I obviously have missed out collecting 1:6 figures 3 months too late.

This was a 2010 Christmas special edition but was released sometime in Jan 2011. I'm both intrigued and puzzled over this piece; intrigued by the gears that's provided and puzzled that he will be extremely easy to snipe against the vast white background.

The packaging is somewhat similar to other manufacturers and the figure tray obviously has extra rooms planned out for collectors to just stuff the kitted figure in. Sadly this did not apply for Crazy Dummy from my previous post.

The rear of the box shows the figure in 3 variations which is a first for my 1:6 figure collection so far. Very refreshing and I see this guy more of an explorer on an expedition than a military figure.

Out of the box and this head sculpt reminds me of a bearded Eric Banner. He is dressed in a level 7 PCU jacket with an long sleeves shirt inside and AOR1 pants with hiking boots. 

The figure comes with only one leg drop tactical platform and a duty belt which made the job much easier compared to the last few I had.

All ready for the rest of the stuff to be put on. The pants is slightly 1 size bigger and the belt did not do much to help. However, the jacket does the job in concealing this flaw.

Next, I'll highlight some accessories that impressed me. First up is the GTX spats that goes round the shin and wrap under the boots. Nice touch!

The shoe is another nicely done piece but this pair is different from other manufacturers. There's no room for feet which can be a plus point as the figure can be supported better this way.

The MK14 assault rifle is one of the determining factors to get this figure as I am kind of tired of the same M4, M46 or MK18. The paint job on this piece is done well with the 2 tone color scheme and everything fitted on snugly.

Well everything except the tactical hand grip which has no way to fit onto a rail as there's no rail. The only solution? Super glue.

All right, the figure to me is now complete with the binoculars, ski hat, snow shoes, ski poles and the molle pack (comes with waterproof cover). The goggles seems a little cheapskate with the thin film of plastic that falls off easily. The ski pole is perfect by my standard as it has parts for extending it to full length. A great thought put in for fussy collectors like me.

Well, kitted this guy up took a shorter time than I thought so I decided to make my money worthwhile and fitted everything else on him except for the strobe light and the pouch on the helmet.

I am really glad I chose this as I was considering the USAF CCT HALO and the USAF Pararescue Jumper as well; both from Toys City. This set is indeed distinctly different from the other SEAL that I have.

All done and it's been about 3 hours of hard fun work. Everything now just goes back into the tray. Neat and easy whenever I like to take it out again.

This is a great purchase and Toys City does make decent sturdy product. Everything is made with intricate detailing and precision. Looking forward to more offerings from Toys City and I believe the  next item which I pre-ordered is the British Special Force Support Group figure.

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