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Sunday, September 15, 2013

MMS191, Announcing the Arrival of Mark XLII ... ...

but first, let's go through the suit test.

This is my first official Hot Toys Tony Stark as I have past previous releases. I love this set and I'm sure you will for all you Iron Man fans out there!

The size of this packaging is about the same as the gantry set but this is much heftier. 

Packaging is superb as of all Hot Toys offering and well, with space constraint, I like to see a nice box lying around the house.

Let's touch base first and finally Hot Toys gave the option of a DC input, I guess. However, no information on that.

Love how Hot Toys like to keep things interesting with a nice touch on the switch for the LED lights.

Tony Stark is fantastic and I have to put that Google like gadget on him throughout this section of the photo shoot.

The work trolley is a nice touch and all the accessories that came along with it are fantastic like the cutter and the plier are made of metal.

The blueprint adds on to the realism of the workshop and the magazine is great with pages of articles.

The mechanical arm robot came with the camcorder as well and this guy is fully articulatable. 

Time to suit up!

Opps, in my rush to add in a bit of fun, I've got the cap labeled wrongly. It should have read 'Dunce' instead. And, it's not on the camcorder mech but the other poor mech that gets humiliated by Tony most of the time.

Ok, let's test the propulsion system and take flight.

The arm with the suit comes with a magnetic attachment design which is pretty smart and common these days.

Well, so that's about it and I can finally take a break like Tony after working throughout the weekend.


deSMOnd said...

Jon..the figure is nice..i guess you will have lots of fun to play in future.

Jonloh said...

Not too sure about the future cos this really is a time sucker. But what would the Hall of Armor be without this?