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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rock the Roadblock like Dwayne Johnson ... ...

It all started with Roadblock's head by CIAN Toys. Let the kitbash begin!
A head needs a body and so Roadblock will need a kick ass muscular body from Hot Toys.

He will need a set of clothes and Magic Cubes Toys Men's Shag Master Hoodie set.

Step 1, fit head to body and the remove head and test articulation of body.

Step 2, body waits while blogger snaps clothing set.

I've bought this set for its great assortment of things and I will leave Roadblock shirtless as I have better purpose for it.

With everything on but I will take the balaclava out as the head will be a wasted purchase.

Remember Ethan Hunt from this post? I left him shirtless and he looks like he's neckless now.

Put on the shirt for him now and he will look much decent.

So, will we see a possible collaboration of Dwayne Johnson in a MI movie? Given his positive Hollywood showing these days, we never know.

And, Roadblock needs a set of weapons and the newly acquired arrow set from X-toys will probably do it for now.

Not exactly Hawkeye material but, he can hold his bow and arrow well. 

So, there you have it, kitbash Roadblock for less than $200.

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