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Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars Fever is still on ... ...

Everywhere you go in Singapore, you will see something that is related to Star Wars and I was lucky to pick up the Black Series Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike set at Takashimaya.

At $30, this is a steal!

The thing is that I had given up this set from a pre-order and got the Sideshow version instead. It is pure coincident that I managed to snag this.

The set came with a stand which allows for 3 different height options.

This is the 6" Black Series and so the details of the bike is rather good.

The figure is very good except for the left leg which is probably due to the pro-longed display in the packaging.

I had to take out my other versions of Scout Trooper and its speeder bike for some comparison.

Even the little guy from Lego wants to join in. Hey, might as well get the 12" fellow to join in too.

Since I had to take out some vintage stuff, I realised I did not post any picture of my Snow Speeder with Luke.

And then, some size comparison between the First Order TIE and Imperial TIE.

Cockpit detailing; Imperial TIE wins.

Cool factor and size; First Order TIE wins.

If the Black Series TIE doesn't cost that much, I would have gotten it as this cockpit setup is a bit of a cock-up.


LEon said...

$30 for the black series is truly a steal. For me the 6" black series is a good enough display figure as good as it gets as it does not really take up space and look great on display.

Jonloh said...

I was there at the right time.