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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Shell V-Power X Ferrari Passion series ... ...

is another one of those promotions that Shell stations in Singapore have that makes me spend money on things that takes up my already limited space.

However, I do think they look pretty good and it will be a pity to miss them.

This year's collection is under the brand of Bburago and this Italian diecast model car company delivers a set of very nice vehicles which I probably will never own in my life-time.

The collection started on 12 October and a new car is added each week. The main draw to my collection is the hauler and 599XX model set and I was lucky to have 2 of them. This set is so hot, it was already sold out at some stations on day 1.

Let's start with the Enzo which was first to be released. This is the only one that requires minimal assembly.

and Finally, the hauler and 599XX.

It is a pity though that excessive use of stickers spoils the aesthetic feel of the hauler. However, the rest of the vehicles are better made.

This will be a bad idea coming down like that and will definitely ensures a trip to the workshop.

The pit stop crew provided are not to scale with the cars. 

Well, it was a good haul and I have everything back in their boxes except for the Enzo which will have to share the space with the hauler set.


ikram said...

wow.. how much for this collection? how about in malaysia.. any news?

Jonloh said...

Hi. I can’t remember as it was like over a period of time. Shld be ard $7 per car and the truck was abt $39.90. I don’t know if it will be released in Malaysia. Another wave just started and I don’t think I’m getting.

Shri Balaji Petroleoum said...

See i want to buy this how can i buy

Jonloh said...

Looks like you’ve to try online open market. It may be exclusive to Singapore only.