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Monday, December 21, 2015

Sen-Ti-Nel Re:Edit War Machine ... ...

bringing back the good old comic book-like War Machine.

I wasn't expecting much as this is my first Sen-Ti-Nel product and I am impressed.
I noticed the label stating this product is meant for overseas market only and not in Japan. Probably license wasn't approved in Japan.

The first thing that caught my eye was the display stand which is modeled like the Hall of Armor and they can be connected if you get more of Sen-Ti-Nel's Iron Man series. I think I will just have this one.

Feeling the figure in the hand and you will go 'Wow' on first touch. This is very well-made and articulations are fantastic and the LED lights; nailed it!

The accessories in this set gives you some options of what you want War Machine to have have on his forearms. It came with 5 sets of hands as well for various poses.

The display stand is not exactly ideal for flight pose as the CG is rather off.

Sen-Ti-Nel is very generous with the articulations on this piece but don't expect the landing punch pose and saluting looks ridiculous too.

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