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Friday, February 19, 2016

The First Order of Hot Toys Stormtroopers set ... ...

arrived! I was rather excited as this is my first Stormtroopers by Hot Toys and I had high expectations especially after so many frustrated experience with Sideshow's Prometheus body.

I have gone ahead with my first order with the set which comes with the regular Stormtrooper and Heavy Gunner Stormtrooper.
The packaging is of course Hot Toys style but still very sideshowish in terms of the artworks.

Yes, Disney owns these.

The troopers rest in plastic blister trays with their weapons and a handful of hands.

The 2 figures are exactly the same except for the tactical vest the Heavy Gunner has.

Let's start with the regular trooper and he looks rather bunky. The body is definitely more superior than Sideshow and overall it handles much better. CG is superb too and the feet has no issue like Sideshow which the figure will fall countless of times as it loses its balance.

The F-11D blaster rifle and SE-44C blaster pistol attach to the thigh armor via a magnet.

The figure suffers articulation issue due to the stiff rubber suit and the armor plates. However, CG like mentioned before is superb and it held on this running pose throughout the shoot.

Closer look at the helmet and Hot Toys did a 100% replica of the actual helmet.

Closer look at the SE-44C and follow by the F-11D.

The F-11D features the extendable butt stock which wasn't mention in the instruction manual.

Next, let's take a look at the Heavy Gunner Trooper which is the same except for the vest and nothing on the vest can be removed but the vest can be removed from the figure.

Attached the SE-44C blaster pistol in the picture above and below is his primary weapon, the FWMB-10 Repeating blaster also known as Megablaster.

The Megablaster is rather articulate but I do find the stand extension a tad too short.

To get this pose done was rather tedious as none of the hands supplied grips the weapon well this way.

The promo pictures shows the trooper kneeling on one leg to use the blaster but given the stiff rubber suit, I rather have him standing.

Don't quite understand why the scope is on the right side of the blaster suggesting that the gunner needs to be left handed.

Both figures come with a display stand shown above and Hot Toys could have sweetened the deal with a LED lit display.

Bottom line is these figures aren't exactly fantastic but they are great items to Star War fans. The items are still readily available.


deSMOnd said...

Great figure indeed...

Jonloh said...

Yes, Hot Toys does make better figure but means that we will spend more money.