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Sunday, December 18, 2016

King Arts Iron Man House Party Protocol's Mark XXII Hot Rod ... ...

Iron Man 3 has unleashed a frenzy release of all the 42 armors of Iron Man. However, Hot Toys's price has been going up north and I believe Mark XXII is an exclusive event item. Thank goodness, there is King Arts.

Everything is fine with this fella except for 2 issues, 1, the right shoulder of my piece seems off with the pegs sticking out too much and 2, King Arts got the forearm weapons wrong.
At 1/9 scale, it is rather similar in terms of size and thus the packaging does resemble one from Hot Toys.

Even the foam material used is also quite similar.

Figure out of the box and the paint job is well...not as delicate as Hot Toys's. The flame paint job is my 3rd issue with the figure as it looks over-coated on the inner calf.

Mark XXII aka Hot Rod is a repaint of War Machine Mark II minus the shoulder cannon.

I read about this exclusive release known as Milk Cargo which includes a transparent face plate head and am pleasantly surprised mine came with it. Not sure about the number of releases though. 

Placed the 2 heads side by side and honestly, I prefer the normal version.

Both have lit up LED eyes and King Arts included enough batteries for everything to be lit.

They even included a battery installer tool. Very thoughtful of them for collectors like me with stumpy fingers. Hot Toys... see!

I tried the exclusive head on and placed it on the display base cum stand provided and yes, it lights up and the orange glow gives the feel of blaze on Hot Rod's feet.

The flexi-stand provided and the LED lights on the feet completes the illusion of flight. Hot Toys, see those LED feet!

I mentioned about the defective right shoulder and the picture above shows it off perfectly.

A pleasant surprise is King Arts included a pair of hands with articulate fingers! Good job!

Oh, but the forearm cannon, epic fail!!

Lastly, the name plate is magnetic and it will stay firmly on the base.

Verdict for King Arts is I will look out for more of the figures and in fact I have pre-ordered Mark XV Sneaky and War Machine Mark III.


Unknown said...

Hey man! How is the king arts sneaky and war machine mark 3? Any good?:)

Jonloh said...

Hi. I’ve collected sneaky and it looks decent. No time to post. War machine yet to be released. I say go ahead to buy.