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Sunday, December 18, 2016

3rd Party Scorponok by Iron Factory (Lord Scorpion) ... ...

My first contact with Iron Factory, a 3rd Party Transformers maker. Reason why I got this is it reminds me of the G1 Headmaster Scorponok which I sold away years ago.

However, this in terms of size is pale in comparison to the original G1 toy which towers at around 13".

Packaging came in a rather nostalgic G1 style. As this being 3rd Party, it goes by the name of Lord Scorpion.

Figure out of the box stands at around 6". It comes with the standard accessories of rifle and shield. There is an additional piece which I can't make up of.

Let's take a look how Lord Scorpion do in terms of articulation and all its 3 modes. Starting with the Robot mode.

Lord Scorpion scores well in articulation and it has no problem achieving dynamic poses.

It is much appreciated that Iron Factory paid homage to the Headmaster series and included 'Lord Zarak' which they have to call it Core Unit under this release. Transformation is a simple flip and therefore there is zero articulation.

Next, is the scorpion mode and I really dig this one which Iron Factory did a fantastic job.

Lastly, is the base mode and this is slightly different compared to the G1's. The difference is in the placement of the towers as the head unit of Lord Scorpion can't be push down further for the arms to fit above the shoulders like the G1. But well, it didn't quite matter anyway.

Though small, this is a very nicely made piece and perhaps to many, the price for it can be rather steep for something this tiny.

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