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Monday, December 19, 2016

Hot Toys Dawn of Justice Armored Batman ... ...

Ben Affleck as Batman isn't something I was quite prepared for and I was ready to just let the whole Hot Toys franchise on Dawn of Justice to go pass me until I saw Armored Batman. I kinda hear Hot Toys asking my wallet 'Do you bleed?'

I guess it's that pairs of LED lit eyes that had me sold.
Packaging is very much similar to all other recent Batman releases.

 Figure out of the box feels very plastic and articulation is horrendous due to its thick rubber suit.

Although, kudos to Hot Toys for keeping to the details and maintaining hight craftsmanship producing this Movie Masterpiece.

Let there be light in the eyes with batteries popped in. Hot Toys also provided interchangeable mouth expression of 'erm' and argh'.

The 2 weapons provided are the grappling gun and the Kryptonite grenade launcher which Batman bashed up Superman real bad with this underhand strategy. For once I disliked Batman when I saw how he unleashed his rage on poor Clark.

There are 2 rounds of the grenade provided. The one above is before launch and the one below is when it's upon contact with Superman when it opens up and releases the Kryptonite gas all over Superman.


deSMOnd said...

No articulation at all...

Jonloh said...

Sadly Des, you're right. It's not worth the price it's tagged.