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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Acid Rain ... ...

Here's the full review of the new toy range that evolved from the story of Kit Lau about an alternative dimension WWII story. Read here from Kit Lau.

This is the first wave of releases and more is yet to come from Kit and Oritoy. I am more than pleasantly surprise to what I have experienced so far. Let's look at them one at a time.

First up is the commander action figure. At $30, this probably looks expensive for a 3.75" figure.

The figure is packed neatly in a box with thick foam and you can rest assure your investment is safe.

The figure comes with removal helmet that reveals the commander in a gas mask and his vest can be removed too. With the vest removed, the upper torso has 2 portions with a waist joint. 

I forgot to mention about the weathering done throughout the figure as well as the rifle. The poseability is very high and he can even be posed seated crossed legged. 

Next up is a diorama set; The Winged of Samothrace Set, titled 'Pain to Victory' which I appreciated Kit's inclusion of an actual art piece, the winged of Samothrace statue which originated as the Greek goddess, Nike.

You will get the same treatment in terms of product protection and the box art on the packaging is a work of art itself.

The base or the cracked ground is dual sided. Reverse it and the title "Acid Rain World" with Kit's signature can be seen. According to Kit on his blog, he actually did this by hand one at a time.

The complete look with the statue in the center and the cracked ground with very good weathering effect. Looking at the soldiers, the 3 look all the same to me. It's more worth getting the set than individual figure.

Closer look at the statue and it is really very well made. Hopefully, the quality of Oritoy will keep to this standard.

The figures' articulation are so good that it breathes life into the figure and with the dirama, this is really fantastic.

The Speeder MK II is next and currently, only the Sand version is available which is what I like about it.

Noticed the hole at back of the box? It's for you to 'try' the weathering texture effect. I'm also glad that my set is the one with the insignia of a girl on the rocket instead of the rank style insignia as seen at the back of the box.

The packaging for the vehicle is with styrofoam and a figure is provided but without a rifle. Even the styrofoam is stylishly made.

Out of box, the vehicle is superb and there are so many details on this that I've easily missed out some. I probably need a repost of this.

The figure sits nicely in the vehicle with controls that can be moved at will with the figure's hand snapped in. The seat belt can pose some challenge but with patience, it will serve its function.

Above is the instruction sheet with a nice poster on the reverse. Not too sure if there's more than one insignia art on the chest/top of the vehicle as seen in the poster which I also mentioned earlier when talking about the box.

Transformation is easy and intuitive. Articulation is fantastic as well on this and it can pose in many dynamic poses.

I prefer to lift up the flap to reveal the insignia as opposed to the suggested position.

The transformed mode is like a bigger exoskeleton suit; more like a hybrid of that and robot.

The toy stands well on its own without support and can even manage poses.

The pilot actually leans forward in robot mode and I think that will really be uncomfortable. It will be ideal to have the seat rotate to align the CG of the pilot. Good thing the soldier has very good neck and head articulation to allow him to look upward.

This pose is my own to simulate movement in the transformed mode.

The two cases at the side can be removed along with other surprises which I think I will feature in the next post.

Finally is Stronghold and I had actually wanted the Sand version too but I was handed the Marine version which I didn't mind and furthermore, I've opened it up.

Packaging is the same with this guy but no figure for this and a typo for the word 'Defense'. So, you will need the Sol Commander for this.

The vehicle as the name goes, is tank like and sturdy. I like the green and desert color scheme and that's why I decided to keep it.

At the rear, there is a battery compartment and why?

There are tow hook and tow joint at the front and back of Stronghold suggesting attachment options. Indeed there is a front towing vehicle which I am eagerly anticipating.

I really like all the details such as the poster of a sexy girl on the hatch cover. Stronghold also has a nickname; quad eyes or 4 eyes which is clearly painted on the vehicle in the transformed mode.

The turret can swivel and the 4 barrel heavy machine guns can swing up and down as well. The figure fits nicely but getting it to sit properly with the hands on the control is a challenge.

The cockpit has 2 control screens which lights up and that's what the batteries power up. Too bad, no headlights or flood lights function for the lights on the vehicle.

Deploy 4 eyes with 4 missiles hatch door opened and transformation for this is even easier comparing to Speeder MK II.

Check out the '4 Eyes' insignia on the left shoulder.

Articulation is amazing for this behemoth mammoth. The ballistic heads can be removed too but you need to take it out slowly and perhaps the use of blu tack will help.

This is my review so far but I think I need to repost as mentioned and the sets comes with a secondary protection with a carton box for each set except for Sol Commander.

Looks like I need to unbox them again.

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