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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Night Ops Close Quarter Battle ... ...

Black is the color that intrigues me too much and I just keep adding soldiers don in black. This CQB outfit is from Very Hot; CQB 3.0 to be exact.

This outfit actually dates back all the way to the CIA SAD by Soldier Story. From that point, there is not turning back looking at how many SIB (Soldier in Black) in my collection.

For those who are familiar with Very Hot products, you know that this is only a kit with no body. This was purchased alongside SWAT 2.0 but since I had the FBI CIRG, I put this on KIV until today.

Quality of firearms from Very Hot has been Very good and they have just kept improving and I am very happy with what I see. In fact, the M4 can even be stripped but I'm not into that kind of thing.

The black fast carbon helmet looks very cool with the night vision goggles on.

I've chosen the Alpha X body and this I realized at the end of the photo shoot may be a tad too slim for the outfit. Liam here may have a long neck but it will good just fine when he put on some clothes.

The kitting process begins and I shall leave the pictures to do the talking.

I realized here that I should have slot the glass inside the balaclava. Shall do that later.

One thing I appreciate in kitting these models is patience and the sense of satisfaction when everything is completed.

The goggles I have is slightly misaligned but hey, who's complaining? Liam, are you?

Suppressor installed on the M4 below

Love the details of the weapons... cartridge discharged... oops, the shell is still there..

"Extra shells anyone?"

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