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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Commander Wolffe Reporting ... ...

and it's about time. I had to get this when Sideshow announced that they are producing this. I am a trooper fanatic and this I got to have.

Photo is compliment of Auto-Awesome Photo by Google+

Packaging is same old, same old. Nothing much to talk about and I like it actually. Discarding will never be an issue.

Wolffe comes out of box in a Phase II helmet version. That's the only distinction between phase I and II.

The markings are remarkable and the wolf head insignia is clearly seen on the helmet.

The shoulders have markings as well and on the right is the Wold Pack insignia.

The jet pack as like all other troopers; magnetic attachment. Not sturdy but cool.

Wolffe here comes with only a blaster and a EMP grenade aka Driod Poppers.

It comes with 2 alternate heads. One is when he just sustained the slash injury with his right eye badly injured.

Wolffe is very very pissed about the injury as we can see.

The other head is a healed head but with the scar still clearly visible and he now has a enhanced cybernetic eye implant and he's happier.

Although I really like Sideshow's stuff but I think they should use better body for their trooper as this guy came loose at most joints... very disappointing. To rub it in, the antenna bent when I was inserting the hands into the forearm.

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