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Friday, March 28, 2014

Again Acid Rain ... ...

Not exactly but I really wanted the boys to have their own ride. They were featured here.

I chanced upon the 1:18 Maisto Ducati Diavel Carbon and thought of Commander Polaris! He gotta have this!

Then I thought of the other guys, Lance Corporal Armstrong and Private Ryan. I picked up the Yamaha FZ-1 for Ryan and the BMWF800GS for Armstrong. These are Toys'R'us house brand (Fast Lane) and the quality is much more inferior compared to Maisto's.

Out of the boxes and ready to be rode. From far, the Fast Lane do look decent but the feel is definitely not as good. Details are also sacrificed and I'm disturbed by the fact the serial number of the product is printed on prominent spots on the bike.

The F800GS comes with GPS and that will come in handy.

This 2015 super bike is indeed a beauty to behold and check out the detail of the carbon fiber shell!

Look at how suave Polaris look on the Diavel. See video from Ducati

The boys on the BMW F800GS and the Yamaha FZ-1 . These boys are unstoppable!

The cavalry has arrived!

These guys reminds me of Kamen Riders.

It works well on 3.75" figures as well.

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