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Monday, August 10, 2015

G.F.F Banshee Norn Part II ... ...

Living up to the true spirit of a Singaporean, I shall not rest on my laurels and simply leave things as they are.

I've taken out Banshee Norn for another round of shoots with features I have missed from the earlier post.
For your viewing pleasure...

Beam Magnum attached to the backpack. I have also removed the shield attachments to reveal the original Unicorn shield. The parts are cleverly attached using magnets.

Closer look at the Beam Jitte and I wished Bandai would have bothered to include the 'beam'.

Together, there are 3 parts to the Banshee shield.

Closer look at the Unicorn shield.

There is a slot for Banshee to hold up the shield.

I've noticed the possibility of the attachment on the Beam Magnum to the back of the forearm like how the shield is held. Took the liberty of attaching the out of ammo Beam Magnum there.

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