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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sideshow Scout Trooper ... ...

has to be the perfect companion to the Speeder Bike.

I really think I got this simply to complement the Speeder Bike.

The packaging of troopers has really been simplified so much that it lacks characters but it does make discarding a very simple choice. Both the Speeder Bike and this box are down the chute before I even finish writing this post.

Figure is as authentic as it can be and I really like the ghostly (Scream mask) look of the Scout Trooper.

The neck joint allows for very wide angle movement as he needs to look straight ahead pivoting the neck forward when on the bike.

This figure has good detailed soles.

The Hold-out blaster pistol is really more ornamental than functional. It will require a switch for the boot with the holder. This boot is also required for the trooper to place the foot on the pedal of the bike.

Another defect for the day, the barrel is misaligned. Well, it will stay in the holder for good!

Another interesting stand is provided here and the idea is the same as the one provided for the Speeder Bike.

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