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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hot Toys Captain America: Civil War's Falcon ... ...

The bane of toy collecting is there is no way to stop and I will end up buying whatever version the big screen is churning out.

Next up is Falcon from Captain America: Civil War. This suit is improved by Stark and a far better looking one compared to the US Air Force version here.

I had this for sometime but had no time or motivation to get it posted. Anyway, here it is.

The colour scheme is nicely coordinated with the new suit.

The enhanced suit comes with a UAV, the Redwing which can be deployed from the wingpack. But no afterburner effect with LED.

The wingpack with Redwing attached.

Deploying Redwing.

Another add-on is the missile pods on the wings. 

Glad that I got my hands on this and probably will not get another Falcon unless it has stark improvements to it. (Pun intended)

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