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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hot Toys Deadshot ... ...

Movies really brings out comic characters better and that was how I started collecting Iron Man. Looks like it's the same reason that made me bought Deadshot after watching Suicide Squad.

Interestingly, I know of the character but I had no interest whatsoever before watching Deadshot in action in the live action movie Suicide Squad. Will Smith, portraying Floyd Lawton, may be also another reason for me to decide on getting this.

In fact, I had preordered the unlicensed version by Art Figure which they named 'Dead Soldier' but gave that up for the Hot Toys official version.

The packaging is worth mentioning as this is not quite the regular type. The print is textured and with some reflective treatment done to parts of the graphics. The cover is a pull out type unlike the regular sleeves Hot Toys uses.

Once the cover is removed, the internal packaging has 2 flaps that you need to lift open to reveal the toy.

A background stand is provided which is an additional item other than the display stand.

Hot Toys again did a superb job in the head sculpt and they even captured the facial expression of Floyd uncannily. 

Deadshot is a weapon specialist who is very much a sharp shooter and he is packed with customised weapons. Below is the customised Magnum Deadshot has on both forearms.

I need to invert the photo to show what is inscribed on the magnums

The same inscription is on the collar of the Deadshot's suit.

The weapons and accessories that came in the package. I did not take photos of the magazines of the firearms. Deadshot is armed with customised AR-15 rifle and 3 Glock-17 with one of it featuring the same color scheme as the AR-15. He has a dagger that fits into the left boot.

Complete the look with the targeting sight attachment to the head. Included in the package is a stop signage which I find it a little extra.

I guess Deadshot still needs the scope on the AR-15 just in case something goes wrong with the targeting headgear.

The mask of Deadshot makes me wonder if he is inspired by Storm Shadow. The targeting sight here looks more sophisticated with multiple lenses. No wonder one shot from Deadshot hits multiple targets.

The right eye of Floyd is clearly visible and so realistically painted by Hot Toys.

I am so very glad I got this and not Art Figure's Dead Soldier. Hot Toys are still on top of the game when it comes to producing Movie Masterpieces.


deSMOnd said...

I love the AR rifle..

Jonloh said...

Agree! Nicely customised.