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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

King Arts Mark XV Sneaky ... ...

The house party protocol has created so much buzz that other toy companies are giving Hot Toys a run for their money.

I chose King Arts 1:9 scale Mark XV over Hot Toys's 1:6 version for obvious reasons. This is much cheaper and it looks good enough by my standards.

Packaging is the no frills type and after previous purchases from King Arts, I pretty know what to expect.

The likeness of the figure should be pretty close and I did not exactly do a close comparison between Hot Toys and King Arts but I'm happy with what I see.

The details King Arts pay attention to such as lights for the feet is something I appreciate.

Articulation on it is great and there is no issue achieving dynamic poses and having Sneaky to stand on its own to maintain the pose.

Great purchase and I'm sure King Arts is my alternative to Hot Toys whenever the price goes too hot with Hot Toys

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