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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Maketoys MTCD-01P Striker Manus and MTCD-05SP Buster Stealthwing ... ...

My patience paid out when Maketoys launched Striker Manus in metallic colour coating and Buster Wing in black. The combined mode is the main reason why I bought them and the review needs to be done together naturally.


This would be my third Maketoys purchase and I have enjoyed the previous releases. However, today, I was a tad disappointed with Striker Manus as it feels very cheapo despite it being a premium figure.

It's paint job isn't exactly breathtaking and it has an issue standing upright. the shoulder joints are also pathetic which limited the poses possible. However, with it's numerous articulation points, it redeemed itself.

The regular weapons that came with Striker Manus are a pair of axe that was part of the smoke stacks and a blaster that was the top in vehicle mode. However, a variety of weapons are provided and based on the instruction manuals to put them together, the weapons seem to be meant for the black version aka Striker Noir. Some assemblies required to put the pieces together.

I attempted to load Striker Manus with as many weapons as possible but not all that are provided can be carried.

The black blaster and the power axe pay homage to Optimus Prime's original weapons.

Above, all the weapons provided and below, let's start to combine Striker Manus and Stealthwing. Steathwing is stripped of its parts that would be used in the combination.

The combined mode is fantastic and with the great selection of weapons coupled with multiple articulation points, this is a figure to be displayed.

Let's take a look at Stealthwing and this is definitely a much better made figure with solid articulation and joints.

Homage to Jetfire, the is the normal face and the masked face.

The katana blades from Striker Manus make excellent weapons for Stealthwing.


Lastly, let's take a look at the vehicle mode.

Stealthwing's vehicle mode looks like the Quinjet from the Avengers. Transformation isn't easy but the vehicle mode really makes this another toy by itself.

The Matrix of Leadership is included in Stealthwing and is placed in the chest of the combined mode.

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