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Saturday, May 30, 2020

BSL Toys KO Version of Peru Kill aka Lockdown ... ...

Lockdown, a rouge mercenary transformer wowed the audience with a huge sniper rifle on his head in the Age of Extinction. Hasbro released a couple of Lockdown but nothing can compare with Unique Toys's Peru Kill. The name given by Unique Toys had me to believe Lockdown killed Ratchet in Peru. No, that was Mexico City.

Anyway, let's move on to today's star, Lockdown with Steeljaws. However, this is not from Unique Toys (UT) as they are completely out of stock. However, there are 2 other knock-off versions from two other toy companies; namely BSL and Visual Toys (VT). Did a bit of research online and BSL's version is closer to UT while VT's version is the cheapest.

The packaging came badly bashed up and to my surprise, there is no packaging. The other box contains two Steeljaws.

Slide out the tray and there is one more Steeljaw packed with Lockdown.

Everything you see in the packaging as above.

I remembered Steeljaws in Lockdown's ship but really, do I need them? Hmm...

Steeljaws came with a couple of articulation which makes them quite unique and poseable but not transformable.

Vehicle mode, Lockdown is a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 which looks pretty good.

The reason why I had to look for this is how amazing it looks in robo mode. He is very movie accurate. However, I had not complete the transformation with some parts not positioned properly.

Articulation is all right but there is no waist joint.

The head sculpt is very nicely made and you can even see the pupil.

Chest piece is also movie accurate.

The shoulder transformed properly and the wing mirror can be kept here. Definitely looks better than having them on the feet.

Check out the spine details on the back. Wow!

One of the accessories is the blade cum hook weapon.

There are many storage locations on the figure to holster the weapon when not in use. However, I think the weapons just 'transform' out of Lockdown in the movie.

The alternate face plate is provided when Lockdown snipes his prey.

The head rifle completes Lockdown.

The attention to details is just amazing and with space, I really want to keep Lockdown displayed.

 He can hold the rifle too but on the head is more movie accurate.

There are also pegs to holster the rifle which wasn't in the movie.

Some more close up shots in vehicle mode.

The disc brakes and rubber tyres are simply a joy to look at.

Well-made it may be, there are some details being overlooked. One is the crack on the windows which could have been smoother. Next is the missing 'mirror' on the wing mirror.

Well, a silver marker will solve the problem. But the moulding gate mark is quite an eyesore.

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