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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Black Mamba Star Adjutant and Corvette Assassin aka Starscream and Sideswipe ... ...

Following on the previous post, my other Black Mamba purchases arrived.

I was initially just interested in Sideswipe but then the search brought me to see other Decepticons and led to the multiple purchases.
Let's look at Corvette Assassin aka Sideswipe. He transformed into a Corvette Sting Ray Concept.

Interestingly, this is packed differently from Barricade and has a flip out flap.

Robo mode looks great but can't say the same to the articulation.

Loads of details on the legs but too bad, they have very limited range of movements making posing not as fun.

Sometimes, too much details could be an issue and above is an example of how splitting the legs too much would result is severe pain.

The blade on the arms are simply just a peg plugged into the hands. A set of guns are provided too but after inserting the guns, the gap enlarged and the blades starts to rotates rather freely.

Best pose possible is a scene from the movie. Getting it to balance is a chore though.

Black Mamba really puts in efforts and have details that are not exactly needed but greatly appreciated.

Vehicle mode is truly stunning and I really like how the panels just fit into place.

The under carriage with every parts in place.

And now, Starscream which is a upscaled Masterpiece Voyager Class knock off. I thought I don't own any movie Starscream as I do not like the robo mode and was not impressed with how bottom busy it is in vehicle mode. Then I realised I actually reviewed a Leader Class version in 2011. 

Articulation in robo mode is generous and many poses are possible.

It comes with all the accessories seen above and the each arm has seven articulation points.

The face sculpt is well made and the vehicle mode of the Raptor F22 is great too.

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