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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Wei Jiang Hide Shadow aka Blackout ... ...

Other than Black Mamba, I have been acquainted to Wei Jiang, another 3rd party making very detailed Transformers figures. I was greatly impressed with what I saw and I had to purchase this upscale Studio Series Blackout.

This is an amazing figure and I really wish I had space to display it instead of going back to the packaging and this is so far the only packaging I am keeping from all the 3rd party purchases so far.

There is a B after product number as this what is termed as Set Meal B. Set Meal B includes the cover below the fuselage. 

Wei Jiang's packaging is sturdy and that's the reason why I am keeping it for the time being.

Out of the packaging, Blackout looks magnificently intimidating. It's heavy and it's huge. Really feels like a Masterpiece in my hand.

Loads and loads of details and this is really a great display piece.

Interestingly, Wei Jiang wanted to make Set Meal B more worthwhile and when it's not a fuselage cover, it's a diorama which I find rather redundant. Everything you see is included in the set. 

I have to attempt to accomplish the promotional pose on the box. Looks like toys company now likes to pit their skills in achieving toys with good articulation and this pose is a definitive pose to determine that.

The vehicle mode of the MH-53J Pave Low III helicopter is so huge I have to relocate the photo shoot.

Some more details and the tempo prints are in horrible spelling and I don't know how they would be avoiding infringement of copyrights by simply misspelling.

The undercarriage covered up with the Set Meal B cum diorama plate.

The cargo bay opens up but Scorponok isn't deployed this way. It's tucked inside and requires the release of another panel.

Size comparison with the other purchases earlier. Scale wise, they are not to scale but close.

So, if you are to purchase Set Meal A, the internals will be exposed.

While packing up, I realised I had not transformed it correctly and below are some retakes.

Starscream joins in for some height comparison.

I really am enjoying this piece but transforming it can be tedious. Hope to see more of what Wei Jiang has to offer.

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