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Monday, June 2, 2014

aMazinger Z II ... ...

This is definitely a long overdue follow up of this post last year. Just a quick recap that this a Tamashii Nations Mazinger Z under the line of Super Chogokin (SOC) by Bandai.

The last post stopped at Mazinger Z but this set comes with a fantastic display case that is modelled like a hangar which is the focus here.

 It comes closed and very sturdily built. See pictures below as we go around it.

The switch activates the 2 LED spot light at the bottom to give the flood light effect.

The details here in this hangar is awesome!

The lights can swivel and tilt for various lighting angles.

Add in Mazinger Z and he is ready to be worked on. The picture below shows the remote control to activate classic sounds from the series and controls the lights on its eyes and chest to simulate the attacks seen in the series.

The remote is shaped like multi-monitors; the type you find inside control rooms back in the 70s.

The bottom row of the control activates classic Music theme

-Button 1 - Mazinger Z Opening (50 Seconds)
-Button 2 - Z no Theme (65 Seconds)
-Button 3 - Bokura no Mazinger Z / Our Mazinger Z (70 Seconds)

Combos will activate the attacks and some other Koji Kabuto's exclamations in Japanese of course.

Voice effects
-A+1 - Mazin Go! Pileder On! (With light-up eyes effects)
-A+2 - "Kore demo kurae!" (Translation - "Chew on this!")
-A+3 - "Koitsu de todomeda!" (Translation- "This'll finish ya!")
-B+1 - Rocket Punch
-B+2 - Koushiryuko Beam (Photon Beam)
-B+3 - Breast Fire (with light-up optional chest panels effects)
-C+1 - Rust Hurricane
-C+2 - Drill Missile
-C+3 - Mazinger Z "Running" sound effects

Some of these sounds will be demonstrated in the videos at the end of this entry.

The set also comes with 2 cranes, one on a truck while the other can be attached to the beams. These cranes assist in servicing the super robot.

The internal mechanism is breathtaking but it's time for Mazinger Z to spring into actions.

Hover Pileder on!

Rocket Punch!

Photon Beam!

Breast Fire!

Drill Missile!

"Hidden" button combos which is meant to be used with the Scrander set (I have the smaller version) but I will skip that. The combos are
-A+C+1 - Scrander Cross
-A+C+2 - Southern Cross Knife
-A+C+3 - Iron Cutter

The articulation is decent enough on something of this nature. Below is a closeup of the Hover Pileder.

This is really a great piece of art and it really brought back childhood memories which is one with no toys to play with. Well, at least, there was channel 8!

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