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Saturday, June 14, 2014

If it Ain't Hot, It's Neca Toys ... ...

I'm actually excited about these 2 because they are my first 1/4 scale size toys and boy are they big and hefty! Did I mention they are made of mainly plastics?

1/4 scale was introduced not too long ago and I believe the big brother in this line is Hot Toys with the release of Terminator and The Dark Knight. Play Imaginative entered the arena with their Iron Man offerings which I think has been hit hard with post production issues. Then there's Neca which wanted a piece of the 1/4 pie. Well, I gave a pass for their previous offerings but with Midas and Arkham Batman, Neca hit the sweet note in my book.

These two are really juggernauts to what I have been collecting and from the pictures below, you cannot imagine how huge they are as I did not reference them to any other scale or daily objects.

The packaging is ala no frills style; carton box with clear display window and a pull out tray but still my two hauls came with minor defects which I can live with. Somehow, I was rather rough with them like they are worthless toys or some bootlegs.

On the contrary, these are no bootlegs and they are licensed product thus the details and especially Midas with the light up functions. Neca really light them like Hot Toys.

Looking at the packaging, this came to our shore because of our resourceful toy store or you can drop by any toy shops in the countries listed below to pick up one at a lower price; probably.

Nightmare for all toy collectors has to be twist ties because they can hurt the toys really bad and also there is this delay of getting our hands on the toys.

Next, up, I will look at Mark XXI (Midas) and Arkham Origins Batman in separate entries.

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