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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tiger & Bunny Double Chaser ... ...

One thing about being a toy collector who collects almost everything and anything is that I end up with either many things or nothing as certain things really do come in limited stock.

One such example are items from Tamashii and the item I'm referring to is the Double Chaser from Tiger and Bunny.

I had always knew that there is a model kit version of the Double Chaser but I really am not too keen on putting model kits up. But here we are, I built not just the Double Chaser but also Tiger and Bunny. The story goes like this ...
For those who follow me will know that I'm quite the cheapskate who goes scouting for sale items and hey, this is one of those Sale Story.

Was at Takashimaya over the weekend and they are having this toy sale at the atrium and this is sort of the prelude to the Craziest Toy Sale some time in August/September. Anyway, I was just looking around and I saw this.

It was going for a mere $30 and I grabbed it; of course. Then I kept trying to find out what scale this is in as I have the S.H Figuarts Tiger and Bunny and this is what I needed; The ride! Apparently this is non-scale and to play safe, I bought Tiger and Bunny under this same product line of Figure-rise 6 at $10 each.

So, the building began and I chose to start off with Lonely Chaser Bunny Version.

I like the clear plastic parts and the hot pink stickers really looked pretty good. However, my itchy fingers had to peel off the stickers of the back wheel when I thought light can shine through to light up the clear pink parts. Of course, that is the worst decision ever as the wheel is mostly covered up and there is no way light is going to pass through to light it up unless I put LED lights inside.

The stickers certainly serve their purpose as seen in the front wheel in the picture above.

I had to picked up the crushed and torn stickers and savage what I needed to give that light up effect.

See the picture below of the back wheel and I'm very impressed with myself for the recovery work done on the stickers that were crushed and torn. 

Next is to work on Lonely Chaser Tiger Version and this time there is no questions about the stickers.

The parts could have been rather old and I had incidentally broke something again... The lucky thing is that it can be simply snapped on and it has a plastic cover to hold the 2 pieces together as one.

Transforming Tiger's Lonely Chaser isn't that seamless and parts needed to be removed and swapped to complete the Double Chaser look where Tiger's Lonely Chaser becomes the sidecar.

The display above is wrong as I should have tilted the oil tank of Tiger's Chaser downwards.

Ok, this is the time I kept my figures crossed that S.H Figuart's Bunny rides the Lonely Chaser just fine. And to my dismay, S.H. Figuarts is slightly smaller than the Figure-rise 6 figures. So, I started fixing up Bunny.

S.H Figuarts on the left and Figure-rest 6 is on the right. Everything else seems almost the same except for the stickers and less articulated feet.

Only the Figure-rise 6 figure rides the bike with no issue. One thing to note is that there are many unpainted parts which additional efforts and resources are needed to create the anime correct version for both action figures and bikes. The bikes are still quite raw at this moment.

An example is shown here with Tiger's hand missing the silver highlights and details.

Well, that will not be too tough for a season modeller if I dare say so myself.

Done! and with the application applied. This looks as good as Bunny but Tiger was easier to build as it has lesser amount of tiny and thin stickers. Speaking of stickers, I am rather disappointed that Bunny did not come with the 'bunny' logo on the left ribs while Tiger gets his logo (center of chest below 'Softbank')

Wild Shoot is included for Tiger and I wonder why Bunny didn't get his lucky bunny leg?

These pictures are for me to show off how skillful I am in terms of coloring the parts.

Tiger is also done and he is ready to ride his Chaser to stop some crime.

I've also paid close attention to things that I probably miss out; like the brake levers.

All right, let's combine the 2 lonely chasers to form Double Chaser which Tiger hates.


World Cup fever is on and Bunny delivering a kick while Tiger is ready to catch it.

Where's the ball? Bunny tricked Tiger as usual...

Putting them side bu side and Bunny seems taller that Tiger as I have attached a longer neck on Bunny for the riding pose on his Lonely Chaser.

Tiger: How about a hand buddy?

Bunny: OK!

Well, that's it and I had fun while burning midnight oil to just complete them. That explains the atrocious English...

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