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Monday, June 16, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Patriot ... ...

“Same guy, same suit, just a different paint job”

War Machine Mark II is now Iron Patriot from Iron Man 3. The origins of Iron Patriot can be found here and it has nothing to do with James Rhodes or War Machine.

This is a fantastic piece and if you need to just eat bread for a month to get it, I urge that you do that.
"Same suit, same packaging, just a different boxart" more or less summarizes the unboxing.

So, the figure has a spanking shiny paint job but everything else is the same as Mark II.

The color scheme is so Captain America, I need to let Steve Rogers have a go at the suit.


Looks like Cap here thinks well of the suit too.

Alright, let's stop horsing around and get to the battery installation process. Same old same old here.

I wish someone at Hot Toys realized that they can do without the plastic tab slot on the battery compartment now that batteries are not installed during production. 

Thank goodness Hot Toys decided to make the suit battle scarred as it really gets scratched very easily. Look at the bicep area (picture below), those damages are done with simply posing the figure.

The following pictures show where the LED switches are located.

It came with 2 face plates for the open face gimmick and one is supposedly for open and the other close. I honestly can't tell which is which. (I got it, the one on the right is the open while the one on the left is close) As usual, Hot Toys does a fantastic job with this face plate and they even have cushion padding on the inside of the plate.

Lt. Col James Rhodes is ready for deployment from Langley AFB, Virginia.

I have to agree with the others who have commented on how well done this Rhodey face is.

To confirmed that both face plates are similar if not identical I have them both on; top picture and bottom picture and still I can't tell the difference. (Close above and open below) Got it?

The jaw piece has a magnet and it will be attracted to the face plate once it's placed on the face giving you that auto close effect.

All system go and ready to kick some Extremis butt!

I had to bring in Midas for some fun here.


This time, Iron Patriot can salute like how he did in the movie.

Best War Machine figure ever and I believe it's already out of stock. For those who wait out, you may have to try EvilBAY.


deSMOnd said...

This is a great piece but I didn't buy..It's very expensive to me :)

Jonloh said...

Well Des, my principle of toy buying is simple - don't buy now, regret later.
I had bread for lunch today.