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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Patriot Part II ... ...

Previously on Alteregoistic ... ... I realized that I've not maximised the full potential of this figure; the enhanced joints that enable it to do the signature ground punch. However, all this moving around takes a toll on the paint job.

If you like your collection pristine and flawless, the poses below isn't for you. This is the exact reason why Hot Toys have this battle scarred.

To achieve this pose, Hot Toys has enhance the figure with additional pivot point for the hips. There is a button at the lower back of the figure near the butt area. Feel for it and you will realized it can be pushed. Once you pushed it down, the legs will swing forward. The legs will lock in place once you set the position you fancy and the button will snap back out. I call this "butt on" it?

I'm hoping Mark XLII will also have this function.

This "Butt on" wasn't included in War Machine Mark II and it is obvious when Mark II can't achieve the same stretch as Iron Patriot.

Other than the hip enhancement, the waist gets an enhancement too and Iron Patriot has better ab muscle as seen in the picture.

The picture above is to show the bicep of Mark II which is indicated with 002 for Mark II

In the previous post, I've mixed up the face plate and this time I have attached the open face plate with the correct pose.

Once closed, the close face plate is the one above. While the open face plate is the one below. I can see clearly now...

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