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Saturday, June 14, 2014

All That Doesn't Glitter is Midas (Iron Man Mark XXI) ... ...

I didn't get my hands on the exclusive Mark XXI, Midas from Hot Toys or Play Imaginative. So, when I knew Neca is making one, I had to have one.

It may not be as shiny as Hot Toys or Play Imaginative but it will do for me. Here's a little background information on Midas.
Like Batman, Midas escapes the twist ties and is ready for action.

The figure is top heavy and Neca didn't really do a good job in terms of stabilizing this and he has fallen countless times during the photo shoot. By the way, his head joint is rather loose but it stays in position. There are 2 joints in the neck; shoulder to neck and neck to head.

However, I'm still pleased with what I have and Neca has simply copied everything Hot Toys does to make Iron Man.

Appreciated the working flight flaps and they included batteries for the RT chest, eyes and palms. Remove the plastic tabs and flick the switches.

This could pass off as a Hot Toys product from the pictures. I'm impressed!

With a 1/6 scale Tony and Midas looks like he is as tall as Igor.

Keep it up Neca! I probably will be seeing more 1/4 scale in my collection. Oh, but Neca, could you keep the price down?