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Sunday, July 20, 2014

ACI Greek Hoplite ... ...

This somehow has an effect on me that I decided to get my very first ancient warrior, the Greek Hoplite by ACI toys. I have seen many of ancient warriors or soldiers figures around by ACI and never had I felt so compelling to put my money down for this guy.

As mentioned that my knowledge on this category is limited other than the occasion movie screening of movies like "300", here's where I pick up more information on a Hoplite.

He comes with 
- Medium built body - Christian, new version (over 30 points of articulation)

I. Costume:
- Greek tunic (with silk print in A/B version)
- Leather pteruges with worn effect
- Fabric cloak
- Sandals (tied/ worn on figure feet)

II. Armor and weapon:
Greek Corinthian helmet (black color) with J crest and Greek hoplite scorpion shield

Armor and weapon of each style also includes:
- Muscle armor (cuirass)
- Leg armor (greaves)
- Greek sword and scabbard
- Doru/ spear

The weapons are probably diecast material as they have some heft in them. The helmet felt metallic as well. I don't know about the armor as I wasn't all that enthusiastic to remove it. This guy comes pretty well kitted and the only thing you need to do is to put the weapons on along with the cape and helmet.

Hoplite is an army unit consist of farmers or peasants who took up arms to protect their homeland and that explained that melancholic expression of this soldier.

 Thank goodness for the worn on sandals

Taking a final look at his homeland and loved ones, the Greek Hoplite walks into battle with a burdened heart.

The accessories that it comes with, short of the cape here.

Appreciate the details and accuracy of how things are made.

Actually this is one of the four Hoplites of the series and I'm only drawn to this because of his black armor with gold trimmings, the Scorpion on the shield and this majestic looking J-crest.

The complete look and this Greek is ready to face any army to protect his homeland.

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