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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Red Snapper (Mark XXXV) Strikes a Power Pose ... ...

This product is interesting as it gets exciting only when you have it in your hands and after one or two diecast suits, you appreciate the good old plastic with a great glossy crimson paint job.

The decision to make this a Power Pose Series (PPS) figure is quite rational as this guy will be too difficult to stand on his own if it has too much articulation. It will be too heavy if this is diecast so, plastic is simply the ideal material and cut a few articulation is probably a good idea.

The packaging is a simple slip cover with a clear window box and finally, the figure is in a blister package.

Here is the breakdown of the unboxing. This is the kind of packaging that doesn't pain the heart to discard.

This is PPS002 with Mark XLII (42) being the PPS001 and I have skipped that and went for diecast version of MarkXLII  and I believe Red Snapper goes on the shelves first.

Let's dive straight into the figure and this is my first Power Pose figure and probably not my first and in this post, you'll see why. I lost count of the number of Hot Toys Iron Man suits I have and this guy here made me realised I can make do with a few articulations fewer. 

Basically, the non-movable parts on this are the feet, chest and waist. Limited movements in areas like the knee and elbow. One point to note is that the upper body is made with a slight shift of the upper torso towards the right.

This fundamentally is still Hot Toys and the lights up are the same except that the palms doesn't light up but the hydraulic mechanical arms do. However, the light up switches is a mixed of old and new configurations. Those who have been collecting Hot Toys will know what I mean.  This suit is disaster rescue use and Thunderbirds come to mind and again it's for those of us, the 70s kids to know better.

 Red Snapper stands at around 13-14" tall and the stand provided this time has no light up functions.

I love the glow of light around the claw area of the mechanic arm. The arm stays extended and there is no addition retraction or extension options.

The rear of the suit reminds me of the Hulk Buster Suit which was from the original comic series and we probably will get to see  it being featured in The Avengers 2.

The stand that came with it is a no frill design type and there is a hole at the bottom of the figure and you simply plug the pin into the figure through the hole....YeeOuch!

However, it fulfills the aspect of the power pose promise of this figure... Enjoy the pictures below.

It looks good without the stand too. This is the reason why I said I am enjoying this figure and do we really need 30+ articulation points?

Let's run through the details this figure has and to me, it's like an articulated Premium Format figure from Sideshow.

Check out the intricate feet assembly but the exposed wires seem vulnerable.

The claw is able to perform quite a bit of functions based on the articulations provided

In the promotional pictures, you could have noticed that Mark VI actually has the arm of Red Snapper attached and this is done by simply yanking the entire arm out.

Red Snapper: "Take it"

"I do what I know, I tinker" and I need to constantly remind myself, there are 42 suits just from Iron Man 3. Now, tinker with that!

I don't mind more of such well-crafted PPS from Hot Toys. You have my vote!


deSMOnd said...

This is definitely a great piece!!

Jonloh said...

Indeed it is