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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Injustice Batman, Gods Among Us ... ...

I have no idea I will get another American based character from a Japanese based toy company so soon. I'm talking about Batman from the video game Injustice: God Among Us.

Being familiar with S.H.Figuarts, I have no problem clicking pre-order. My previous encounter was Iron Man Mark XLII.

I took this shot to remind people that even the company is declaring that this is NOT A TOY. Still for simplicity, I'm fine with the term 'Toy'.

Batman comes with all the above and below.

The figure is perfect except mine came with very very very loose hip joints and he really has a hard time standing on his own. However, the photos that follow may have you to think otherwise.

This figure comes with 2 head options, the regular masked Bruce Wayne and the fully concealed ala Terry McGinnis mask.

The gauntlet and the cowl are really pointy and it is not a food idea to drop this batman.

Attach the cape to give it a complete look and speaking of look, he looks really bored.

Add on the 2 cape attachments to create a more dynamic look. However, he still looks bored.

Maybe the Grapple gun can pumped up the excitement level for Bruce. By the way, the hands are tough to manage to fit any of the weapons.

An extension attachment is provided to create the flying hook effect.

Nope, Bruce is still too bored to look at and so, let's give it a more futuristic look with the concealed mask look.

I like the detailing done to the mask.

Let's lose the cape and give it a Batman of the Future look.

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