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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bandai 1/72 X-Wing Starfighter ... ...

still excites me like it used to and so when Bandai jumped in the Star Wars bandwagon, I bought my 3rd X-Wing.

This is a snap-fit model kit by Bandai and being familiar with Gunpla products, I'm sure they will do a good job. I was expecting a lot of colored parts like Gundam but to my disappointment, Bandai did such a good job, the X-Wing really came in white.
 I mentioned 3rd X-Wing because I have one from my childhood, It's by Kenner and there's an explosion gimmick with a push of a plunger at the back of the starfighter; which I really disliked. I also dislike the pilot so much that I threw it away. It's made of diecast and I really hated myself for throwing it away.

My 2nd X-Wing is also a model kit which I couldn't recall the company that made it. I bought it at Toys'r'us many years back when I was serving the army.

The white as snow parts really turned me off as I knew it's going to be a long process and which it did. I took about 20 hours to complete this.

As per Bandai's tradition, the pilots will come in 2 positions; standing and sitting. They come unpainted and this is probably the first time I'm putting in effort to paint the pilot. The reason is simply, Gundam pilots ain't seen.

Other than painting what I presumed is Luke, will be R2-D2. There is another another astromech droid, R5-D4 which I don't intend to paint at all. The water-slide stickers are provided even for the droids but I believe it will be tough to manage as I found out when applying the stickers on Luke's helmet later.

I'm done painting the sit position pilot and he is trying out his cockpit seat. Labels for the goggles and the helmet to be done later.

Started on the X-Wing and I painted as I went along knowing that it will be closed to impossible to paint when the parts are fixed together as I'm using only Gundam markers to paint and I do not have all the movie accurate colors as well.

The labels applied for the pilot and it was really not an easy task.

Almost there for the first portion of the wing. I've used some of the water-slide stickers because painting may not guarantee straight lines.

I've really tried out my collection of markers realizing many of them are brand new and that they do produced rather amazing results.

Wing and thrusters portion completed.

Working on the main structure and the cockpit. The red parts are the only few rare pre-painted parts.

I've used less than 50% of the stickers supplied when the X-Wing is completed.

2 options of display, with the landing gear or flight mode. It can be tricky to remove the landing gear.

A diorama display stand is provided to re-create the destruction of the Death Star when the proton torpedoes got shot in by Luke.

The nose cone is removable to show the radar system which proves useless to Luke because "Use the force Luke, use the force"

They don't named it X-Wing for fun.

Fire in the hole!!

Next, I will be building Darth Vader's Tie Advanced Prototype. I believe that one comes pretty much colored.


deSMOnd said...

Nice try bro!!

Jonloh said...

Thanks bro.

Unknown said...

I have a problem with this kit.. the cockpit cover doesn't want to stay. Should I just glue it? which one do you choose, the clear one or the hollow one?

Jonloh said...

Hi Steven, I don't recommend u gluing . The cockpit's details are too fantastic to be sealed. I used the clear one for authenticity.