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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Part II of Batman Armory from The Dark Knight ... ...

The previous entry focused on the armory so in this entry let's take a look Bruce Wayne and Alfred from this set. I will not be featuring the Batman Suit because it's the same as DX12 released earlier.

The suits of both figures are accurate as in the scene of The Dark Knight in this underground base under a construction site. See here.

Bruce Wayne is probably one of the most produced product in Hot Toys and I have so many head sculpt of Christian Bale already. The suit is nicely tailored and I think the pants is a better fit compared to the ones wore by Bale in the movie.

The head sculpt Alfred is the best and it is uncannily Sir Michael Cain.

Alfred comes with a overcoat as seen in the movie and I disagree with some reviews stating it adds bulk worn over the jacket.

Add in Lucious Fox from ACE Toys to complete the 3 gentlemen of Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Let's have the armory back and I didn't feature the base that came with it. It has the name plate of the Movie stated.

 Hot Toys gave a few changeable hands so Bruce and Alfred can inspect the armory.

Alfred: You crossed the line first ... ... (not quite the clothes Bruce was supposedly to be wearing). See here.

The armory in the Batman display in my display case and DX02 and Tumbler adds on the realism to the diorama.


deSMOnd said...

No doubt that Alfred head sculpt is the best so far..

Jonloh said...

Yes. Great to have a model of such a legendary actor. I just realised, I have my own Madame Tussauds museum; smaller scale that is.