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Sunday, December 21, 2014

MP21 Bumblebee ... ...

I wasn't exactly a fan of Bumblebee when I first watched Transformers as a kid. I find him annoying and useless. However, the recent reincarnation of Bumblebee from cartoons to movies seem to portray a much braver but reckless teenager; as what Prime said of him in the recent Age of Extinction movie.

Takara decided to add the nostalgic 80s G1 version of Bee to the Masterpiece line and I had my struggles of buying him. However, I chose to go along with it.

The alternate mode is a vintage Volkswagen Type 1 and as all Masterpieces, it's well-made.
This is probably something that Takara wasn't too sure of the sales of this product and they decided to include Spike Witwicky in the Exo-suit which was featured in the 1986 animated movie. Actually, I feel that it looks more like Daniel than Spike.

The back of the packaging shows a picture of size comparison between MP1 (revised version) and Bumblebee and you can see it's really small in size but big on price.

My order included the battle face mask from the original G1 toy line and the commemorative coin.

Vehicle mode is really very authentic except the body is really more plastic and even the wheels are plastic as the recent Masterpiece releases. I really still prefer the rubber tyres more even if they were to crack over time.

Take a closer look at Spike in the Exo-suit and it's pretty authentic following closely to the animation.

It transforms to the vehicle mode too and it's about as big as Bee.

Transforming Bee is simple and it look much better than expected. There are 2 facial expressions provided; one straight-faced and one smiley.

The smiley face above and the battle mask below gives Bee a total makeover.

The spare tyre has 2 alternative storage options, either at the rear or under the front where I have stowed the blaster.


deSMOnd said...

This is a must have figure for transformers masterpiece fans..Great score bro!!

Jonloh said...

Ya man, Hope you got yours too.