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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Transformers 30th Anniversary Exhibition isn't for Fans ... ...

For those who are fans of Transformers, this exhibition is definitely not for you as I have found out the hard way parting $27 to see what toys I do not own at the so-called quote "This exhibition will set visitors on an adventure as they embark on a quest to find out more about Transformers"unquote.

Prime is situated at the pedestrian crossing leading to Science Centre telling you "Don't go in!" Too bad that I drove in and did not see his warning. I would have heeded the advice of the supreme and heroic leader.

It's my personal opinion that this isn't going to excite you or wow you if you are truly a fan and already have enough knowledge of Transformers; there's always the WWW. if you are from the past. Or your house can almost pass off as a museum.

I shall not post pictures of what I saw inside as I believe the people who organized this believe they have done a great job and there are those who might or will be fascinated by what they see at the exhibition.

I shall leave you with the warning from Optimus Prime "Calling all Fans, stay away from what's behind me"


LEon said...

I went there because I promised my child that I will bring him. He enjoyed it as a kid but for adult and a transformers collector, I feel you. But a promise is a promise.

deSMOnd said...

Thanks for sharing bro!!

Jonloh said...

Leon, I know what you mean. I'll be more mindful of the organisers. Btw, has anyone visited the Star Wars exhibition years ago, also at the Science Centre? Was it worth the trip and $?