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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Soldier Story (not the onesixth type) ... ...

but they are soldiers nonetheless. I've got my hands on the Convention Exclusive Oritoy Agurts Infantry which I didn't managed to get simply because I wasn't at STGCC.

Those above are from the Land of a Thousand Smiles and I remember seeing something like them at a Singapore Lego specialty shop and these were retailing for at least $50 with the label of 'customized'.

I chanced upon them walking around Asiatique and I was thrilled but got only these 3.

The first one is a SWAT and he really is a Specialist in Weapons.

I'm thrilled for the fact that these guys are like the miniature version of the 1/6 scale military figures I've collected. The following pictures will have them being kitted up.

Check out the photo above and the NVG really looks authentic.

Next up is the 160th Special Ops Aviation Regiment. The details are amazing and wait till this guy really kits up.

The visor within the helmet has a slide up or down option. How cool is that?

Lastly, we have the Navy Seals guy and I didn't get the Secret Service as I chose the SWAT instead.

This guy comes with lesser accessories compared to the previous ones.

Writing so much about the brick guys above, I forgotten about the Oritoy Agurts Infantry. I really wanted them for the nostalgic feel of the army men toys I used to have; the only toys my parents could afford anyway. 

They were actually sold out at STGCC but when I went to to collect my monthly dose of toys, I saw them and they are now home.

Best part about this army men is they are articulated!


deSMOnd said...

The accessories fit very well even to these mini figures :)

Jonloh said...

You can say that again. I'm really hooked on this guys.