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Friday, July 31, 2009

Make one if you can't find......

Commander Fox from The Clone Wars. Well, technically speaking, I do have it. Just that I was kind enough to give it to my son. Thinking, I can get another one easily. However, the search for Commander Fox was futile as it would cost me $69.90.

So, what do I do? I took my son's Commander Fox and painted one of the troopers.

Commander Fox (the brown one)

Well, my first attempt at customisation is not that fantastic, but I'm proud of my insistence.

Presenting Commander Wolf

Friday, July 24, 2009

How do you know if you have too many toys......

is when you desperately hunt for a toy which you already have!

That's what happened to me when I thought I do not have the VF-25F, Alto Saotome Custom from Macross Frontier. I went on search for it and found one on Ebay. Naturally, I bid for it and bought it.

Then, as I was storing the new purchase, I realised I already had one!!! So, I decided to open one up and take some pictures.

This version is under the license of Bandai and all my other Macross Valks are from Yamato. Actually, the very first Macross was produced by Bandai but I was not one of those lucky kids who got to own one.

The main difference between Yamato and Bandai would be that Bandai focus on durability while Yamato's on detailing. In other words, you can break a Yamato if you are not gentle.

The batteroid mode and the poseability is similar to Yamato but distinctive difference is the number of metal used in Bandai is much more thus, giving it more heft.

Trying various poses to 'stretch' its limits. Not too bad though and anyway, I will be displaying it with a stand.

The centre of gravity of this guy is pretty decent as it can stand on its own despite the weight.

The major flaw here is Bandai did not consider the fact that collectors would like their collections to be anime correct. The exposed cockpit at the butt is certainly not anime correct.

The three modes again. Battleroid

Gerwalk - this mode will definitely look better on a stand.

Fighter mode, which looks really good even without the super parts. That will have to wait as I did not snap them on while taking picture this time.

Here's the pilot, Alto Saotome, the accidental protagonist (as with most animes)


Hunt for the Troopers......

as I practically went round town just to hunt down the latest wave of troopers from the animated series The Clone Wars (TCW).

The outcome is rather satisfying as I believe I have collected all the troopers available for this wave.

From left: 41st Elite Corps, Commander Gree, ARF Trooper, Clone Trooper Echo and Sandtrooper (not from TCW)