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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Universe Nemesis Prime....

is one evil looking Prime mainly because of its colour scheme. This is from the Universe or Henkei series where it is paying homage to Generattion 1 of Transformers.

Nemesis Prime was a created when Optimus Prime was scanned by the Decepticons and thus creating a robot that looks exactly like Prime but has an evil alterego; thus, Nemesis Prime.

Truck Mode


A couple of shots to feature the articulation of this figure

Fire power for this figure packs 2 "punches"
Sniper mode (self created, not official)

This figure comes with many articulation points and thus giving it a lot of dynamic poses. It is indeed a very well-made Prime. The series do come with other paint scheme, Optimus Prime (OP) and Ultra Magnus (UM) using the exact same mould.

Pictures I took from the net as I have not opened my OP an UM yet

Dragon Ball Z....

my first exposure to Japanese Manga when I was in secondary school. Bought these 3 as they really brought back a lot of memories.

A live action movie based on the original manga is being made and will be released sometime next year. Still prefer the animation.

Son Goku (normal) Son Gokus (super saiyan 1 and 3)

Super saiyan 3 followed by super saiyan 1 and normal Goku

The signature 'Kamehameha' stance

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hush Batman V.S. The Dark Knight

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Size does matter......

when it comes to toys. I couldn't resist the temptation of purchasing the latest "Batman - The Dark Knight Version" by Hot Toys. This is really indeed a very hot toy given its details and realism.

What's the difference and why is this toy so different from the rest of my collection?

1. It is 1:6 this makes it one of the largest action figures I own.
2. Its suit is tailored onto what is known as a 'True Type Male' body.
3. As it is wearing a suit, the joints are concealed making it look really real.
4. Its head is sculpted to the likeness of Christian Bale

The Dark Knight Version - "I need a new suit."

A comparison of size - 6" vs 12"
The Batarang

The Grappel Gun

Up up and away!

Fight like a man; Batman that is

Upcoming - Hot Toys Iron Man!!

I'm so gonna get the 1:6 scale Tumbler!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Transformers Animated......

has ended its run for Season 1 today and I have been actively collecting some characters that interest me.

Here is one of them, Skywarp (Starscream was my first Decepticon Seeker but it's still in his packaging). This may just be my favourite TF Animated figure. Nice colour combination and great transformation sequences. It also looks fantastic in both Robot and Alternate mode.

Transformed and really to strike. the joints give this figure great 'poseabilities'
Fighter mode - The only issue I have is that the missiles are not on the wings
Cool stealth colour scheme
Landing gears gives it more realism
Gerwalk - As a Macross fan, I must transform it to this modeSide view
"Conquest is made of the ashes of my enemies"
Since we are on the topic of Seekers, I took a few shots of Masterpiece Starscream for comparison. I'm a little lazy to transform it and so used both the Takara version in Fighter mode and the Hasbro version in Robot mode.

Fighter Mode - F15 Eagle

Lift off!

Robot Mode - Articulation is fantastic and a lot of dynamic poses can be accomplished with the stand provide.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

All about Heads.......

I made my own bust but it's headless. I made it with a Dark Knight Figure....Not much was left of it after I'm done with it.

Here's a pix of the completed product.

Joker's Trophy: Death of Batman

The container is actually an empty Air wick (ambipur).
It all started with the purchase of the Batman with Batpod below.
It came without a head.....(why you asked? The answer, I got it at a cheap sale).
So, the only logical thing to do is to get a head from an old Dark Knight figure.
After, removing the head.......I decided to make my very own Batman bust.....I named it : Joker's Trophy

Here's the Batpod with Batman (with his head)

It actually came with a launcher...Pretty neat set.

Then, another Head I picked up is Optimus Prime with the voice of Peter Cullen. Great display piece and the voice changer is something quite cool as well. I displayed it on one of my home entertainment speakers. It reminds me of this childhood candy where you have to tilt the head of a character to get these little rectangular candies. PEZ...ring a bell? Perhaps this will help

Well, actually, there are more that I've purchased but I've only these much time to show these much.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

13th Craziest Takashimaya Toy Sale......

may well be my last visit ever judging from my catch this year (a huge difference compared to previous years)

Here are the things I have bought and these are all that I had bought this year.

Some mechas from anime that I'm not to familiar with; not bothered to find out what they are
1/60 scale Gundam Busts (my first busts.....and it should come in pairs)

Total damage for this year is a mere $60.......

All of a sudden......

in the mood to take pictures and post the whole new Transformers the Animated Series.

Been a little busy and lazy these days to take pictures of my collection (I know I mentioned I will post pix of toys bought in Japan). However, I've come to this conclusion that I will not post items that are MISB or MOSC anymore. I will only post items that are 'free' from their packaging.

So here they are; the loose but complete items.

Favourite of all the Animated characters. Elite Guard Ultra Magnus!
All weapon system online and hot!
Alternate mode. Heavy artillery armour vehicle
The cocky Elite Guard Sentinel Prime (real pain the neck)
Dinobot Swoop (cool ninja style)
Elite Guard Jazz
Cybertron mode Optimus Prime
Me Grimlock! Me eyes glow.
The Elite Guards (check out the size of Ultra Magnus!)
Dinobots (missing Snarl; MOSC)
Autobots (Missing Bulkhead and Rachet; MISB and MOSC respectively) Everyone plus MP Prime, Cybertron Galvatron and Animated Soundwave)
Finally, another posting after some time. However, this is really time consuming.............yet FUN!! :)