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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hot Toys Deadpool ... ...

This is again another purchase enticed by the live action movie Deadpool. I must say it is one of those movies that did not disappoint.

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is both a loose cannon and highly spontaneous who often times behaves in the most unanticipated manner. Becoming Deadpool simply up his antics a few notches since he is practically invincible.

Hot Toys Deadshot ... ...

Movies really brings out comic characters better and that was how I started collecting Iron Man. Looks like it's the same reason that made me bought Deadshot after watching Suicide Squad.

Hot Toys Death Trooper ... ...

Mentioned in earlier post that I have been buying but not posting as diligently as the toys arrived.

This entry features the Death Trooper from the movie Rogue One - A Star Wars Story.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hot Toys Mark XLIV, Hulkbuster ... ...

This is the most anticipated purchase for the year and it has been a long 2 year wait for its arrival.

Mark XLIV, better known as Hulkbuster was developed by Tony and Bruce as a counter defense against Hulk. It was deployed from the VERONICA satellite in the Age of Ultron when Hulk went under the spell of Scarlet Witch.

Hot Toys Captain America: Civil War's Falcon ... ...

The bane of toy collecting is there is no way to stop and I will end up buying whatever version the big screen is churning out.

Next up is Falcon from Captain America: Civil War. This suit is improved by Stark and a far better looking one compared to the US Air Force version here.

I had this for sometime but had no time or motivation to get it posted. Anyway, here it is.

King Arts Mark XV Sneaky ... ...

The house party protocol has created so much buzz that other toy companies are giving Hot Toys a run for their money.

I chose King Arts 1:9 scale Mark XV over Hot Toys's 1:6 version for obvious reasons. This is much cheaper and it looks good enough by my standards.

1:1 Scale Arc Reactors from Iron Man ... ...

Owning part of the movie magic is why I'm parting my hard-earned money for metals and composite plastics that may seemed like some worthless toys.

King Arts made a couple of 1:1 scale Arc Reactors and I scored myself the Mark III and Mark XLII.

Justice League Batmobile ... ...

Picking up from where I left off... and woah, has it been a year already?

Anyway, the buying hasn't stop but I have been rather caught up with life and has somewhat neglected this aspects of my many hobbies.

In this entry, we have the Ultimate Justice League Batmobile by Mattel.